This is my life in Stone Canyon, Lyons, CO, USA.  At various times over the years, the Farm has included Dogs ( Dalmatian, Chesapeake Bay retriever/Poodles, Standard Poodle, Black Lab mixes, and an Irish Wolfhound), Chickens ( Aracaunas, Black Australorps, Speckled Sussex, Plymouth Barred rocks, Buff Orpingtons), Geese ( Toulouse), Goats ( Alpine and Nubian), and Alpacas ( Chilean).

We are also home to many other creatures: Bobcats, Mtn Lions, Coyotes, Deer, Elk, Porcupines, Rabbits, an occ. Skunk, Rattlesnakes, Raptors, Woodpeckers, Bats, Ducks ( in Spring, when the arroyo fills w/ water), and innumerable beautiful songbirds. A toad family always lives outside the front door during Summers.

Redstone quarries are at the top of the canyon. Many sites across the USA incorporate  Lyons stone in their buildings, including the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.. In the late 1800s, a townsite was present up the canyon approx. 2 miles above us, reportedly with 5,000 residents.

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